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or bad job. we don't need government regulation of what people say or report in the news for better or worse. >> clearly, the most important thing that people want to hear from are the jurors to see what they were thinking and what they were thinking, and also casey anthony, the big question, where does she go now. what is her home now? thank you so much. everybody thank you for joining us. more coming up. brook baldwin taking over. we're swapping out the chairs. casey anthony found not guilty of first-degree murder and not guilty of aggravated child abuse and not guilty of aggravated manslaughter. they did find her guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. tremendous verdict here.
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we have a lot coming up in the next hour, and i have guests with me, including holly hughes, a criminal defense attorney. we will walk through what happens next to casey anthony. we look at the pictures here of a massive crowd outside of this orlando courthouse. as reaction is beginning to pour in, we heard from members of the defense team a short time ago saying there are no winners here, saying this is disgusting with media assassination and how casey anthony has been regarded here for years here, and i want to bring in holly hughes as we go back to and reset for the people that just are joining us. the mixed opinions here. but 11 hours, and that's pretty quick. >> yes. it is. >> pretty quick. >> it shocked all of us.
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every single person that i heard speculating is it has to be a guilty verdict of some sort. i certainly thought they were going to go top charge, murder in the first degree. but it's a lesson well taught that this is an adversarial system, and that's the whole point of having a prosecution team and defense team. the prosecutors would never bring forth a case they don't believe in. they believe she's guilty. and her attorneys don't believe she's guilty. you put 12 jurors in a box, and let them make the decision, and you let the system work. her team feels vindicated, an innocent woman is on the street, and the rest of us are sitting here thinking, wow, what was the jury thinking? >> the youngest of the 12, 32 years of age, and the oldest, retirement age, seven women, five men. we could be hearing from them at any point in time.
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there are pictures of this room where they have different numbers for different jurors. it's up to the juror, thus far, we have not seen these jurors. they have certainly bonded over the last couple of weeks over this particular case. stand by, because in case you missed it. i want to play the moment in the courtroom when the verdict was handed down. watch. >> will the defendant rise along with counsel. madam clerk, you may public the verdicts. >> the circuit court for the ninth judicial circuit in and for orange county, florida, state of florida versus casey marie anthony, as to case number 2008 cf-156650. verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty as to murder, on this 5th
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day of july, 2011. signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, verdict as to count two, we the jurd find the defendant not guilty, so say we are, dated at orlando, orange county, florida, dated this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the aggravated manslaughter of a child. we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all dated in orlando, orange county, florida, this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to a law enforcement officer, verdict as to count four, we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment. so say we all, dated orlando, orange county, florida, this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to a law
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enforcement officer verdict as to count five, we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment so say we all dated orlando, orange county florida, this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the verdict as to count six, we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment. so say we all, dated orlando, orange county, florida, this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to a law enforcement officer, verdict as to count seven, we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment so say we all, dated orlando, orange county, florida, this 5th day of
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july, 2011, signed foreperson. madam clerk, you may poll the jury. >> jury number one, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> pardon? >> jury number one, were these your true and correct verdicts? were they all your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number two, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> jury number three, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> jury number four, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number six, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number seven, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number eight were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number nine were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number ten, were these your true and correct verdicts?
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>> yes. >> juror number 11 were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number 12, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> will counsel and the defendant approach the podium? not all of the defense counsel, just a representative sample. casey marie anthony, the jury of your peers have found you not guilty as to the charge contained in count one of the indictment, murder in the first degree. at this time i will adjudge you to be not guilty. as to count two, the crime of aggravated child abuse, a jury of your peers have found you to be not guilty and the court will
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adjudge you to be not guilty of the crime in count two. as to count three, aggravated manslaughter of a child, a jury of your peers have found you not guilty, and i will adjudge you to be not guilty of that count. as to counts four, five, six and seven, providing false information to a law enforcement officer, i will adjudge you to be guilty of those counts and order that you be fingerprinted here in open court at this time. >> 25-year-old casey anthony, wiping away tears as the verdict was handed down. you heard all the 12 different
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jurors acknowledging how they felt with regard to each of the different counts, seven counts in all. i want to remind you. you are looking at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, that's a picture of a room where up to 12 jurors could enter and take part of a news conference. i am told our own martin savidge is inside the court and will get a shot of the first question. we are also waiting to hear from the prosecution, from the state, get their reaction to the verdict that was handed down just this afternoon. and i want to go to our senior legal analysts, jeff toobin, and i want to go back to your point. i thought it was an excellent point. casey anthony could decide tomorrow to walk out of a court, stand on the steps and say i did it, i killed my 2 1/2-year-old little girl, and she will never
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face time because why? >> absolutely. you know, the double jeopardy clause says once you had one criminal trial you cannot have a second one. the prosecution gets one attempt to prosecute you for a crime like this, and she is free to say or do whatever she wants about this matter at this point. not that i anticipate she is going to confess, because she has been consistent in saying she's innocent, but as a legal matter, there's no appeal or civil case that is a possibility here realistically, and the most peculiar thing about today's hearing is her lawyers did not ask for her to be released on bail. >> do you think they were too shocked? >> that's my reaction, is they were too shocked.
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she served three years already which is way more than anybody gets for the misdemeanor's for which she was convicted. i don't think the judge would have objected to her release. i assume she will be released on thursday. two days is two days, and nobody wants to be in prison. i think she has a right to be released today and not tuesday. >> when judge perry set the time for thursday, you are saying on that day she could be a free moment. >> she should be one today and should not have to wait until thursday. i am certain on thursday, she will be sentenced to time already served, because she has served three years awaiting the trial, and each conviction would be a maximum of a year, and nobody gets consecutive
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sentences for misdemeanors. i cannot think of a scenario where she doesn't get released before thursday, and a night in jail is a night in jail, and i don't see why she should have to spend another night in jail. >> i do want to talk about the reaction to this verdict. certain mixed. i have been reading your tweets. we were told one of our producers who has been covering the trial said the local reporters -- to quote this person, shocked. shocked by this verdict. i want to toss this to tape. this is jane velez-mitchell from our sister station, hln, and she is outside the courthouse to get their reaction there on the ground in orlando. take a listen. >> i was crying. it's not right, jane.
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i told you this yesterday. she got away with it. you know it! people are saying it was okay, she didn't get away with this, that -- i can't even talk. i am appalled by this. look at my hands. >> does everybody agree with this lady? >> i do, i guess because it was not posted on her facebook page, it didn't happen. it was her daughter, and was that life an imagination also? >> a crying shame. they call this justice? they say the american flag flies today? it does not! it does everything but fly today. >> they say justice does work, and that's what it is. it's like the o.j. simpson case, the same situation. >> o.j. simpson number two. >> that's what you're hearing here. o.j. simpson number two. now, we're waiting for the lawyers to come out. you can see all the media has gathered here, and there is -- >> so you saw the media presence, and the tremendous,
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tremendous presence. we have crews on the ground. holly hughes, to jeff toobin's point, that perhaps the defense was so shell shocked by this verdict, but maybe it's a security question. >> the people on the street think she got away with it, and they are ready to form a lynch mob. the defense threw her family under the bus. is she going to go home to george and cindy after she said george and lee molested her. we all thought there was going to be some type of felony conviction, and some thought first degree and others thought negligent homicide, but we all thought she would be convicted of something. they did not plan ahead and did not have a hotel reservation under an assumed name to get her out somewhere. she's probably not feeling
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comfortable enough to go home to her parents right now. >> a lot of people say this is the perfect example of how the justice system worked, including debra obry, defense attorney. the point about the jury, correct me if i am wrong, but this jury never sent notes to the judge and never had questions. they deliberated for 11 hours and then came to their conclusion. >> i am going to give you my reaction as a criminal defense attorney, and as a person that does media, and here it is. i think the jury reacted to the way the case was presented, the parties who presented it, and i think overwhelmingly, when i saw mr. cheney mason giving that chart of the reasonable doubt scale, i think people and all of us as citizens have to accept this, convicting someone for a
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crime under our constitution in this united states, these united states, beyond a reasonable doubt is a virtual impossibility. when that jury knowing the scrutiny they were under because of the media coverage, i think they were so careful -- >> debra, forgive me. i need to interrupt. i just got news in my ear that members of the jury will be speaking. they're not -- >> i knew it. >> we need to respect their privacy. the alternates are on their way here and i will speak with them in less than five minutes. they have not been asked. i am going to ask them, and we will talk to them about that, and as soon as i speak with them i will come back in and let you know if the alternates are interested in speaking to you. the alternates did not have
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television for the last few days -- nobody had television for the last few days. we pulled all television stations recently because of cross extra promotional issues going on the networks. >> have they been told? >> they are en route and they have been told. i will come back in and let you know what the five alternates say. i have not physically talked to the alternates yet, and as soon as i do i will let you know. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> they will be leaving shortly. >> reporter: did they seem relieved? >> i am the wrong person to ask. i will not comment on anything that was back there. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> correct. correct.
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>> reporter: [ inaudible ]. they are barring their names until further notice. until further notice. orange county sheriffs office will transport the jurors back to their county, tonight, yes. i will come back in as soon as i speak to the five jurors. did you have a question? >> reporter: any idea -- [ inaudible ]. >> i think they did when i handed them the packet. prosecutors -- i don't know if they are going across the street. the court is not responsible for that press conference. that's an independent press conference. i will send out an e-mail, not that you have not had enough already, but i will send out another e-mail that will give you more information. we're looking at holding the same procedures in place.
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>> they're just not interested. i explained to them that it was -- that there were groups of individuals over here many of whom they had seen on a day-to-day basis and they were waiting to talk with them and hear their views. unequivocal no, universal and unequivocal no. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i can only tell you that i told them the story, i left the room and when i came back in it was universally no. at this time i will come back in as soon as i speak to the five alternate jurors. >> well you heard the court spokesperson loud and clear. all 12 members of the jury, none of them want to talk to members of the media. the question is why? perhaps out of respect to the
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anthony family privacy? perhaps they're afraid of the backlash? the judge will not release the names of the 12 different jurors pending further notice. with that, richard herman, you are standing by for me. richard herman, are you surprised not a single one of those 12 jurors wants to walk into that room and explain his or her point of view and division? >> you know, brooke, i tried a federal case, an 11-month jury trial and we were prohibited to speaking to the jurors afterwards. i expected this. i was surprised they would hold a press conference. this case was too emotional. some of their lives could be at stake, these jurors. i think they made the right decision right now. down the road maybe they will give interviews. right now they have to get out of dodge safely. an amazing decision today. she is acquitted. she is not guilty.
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no matter what you think. i was floored because, you know, look, she is innocent, and i apologized for my remarks and my criticism of baez which i would make of any lawyer, as well as cheney mason. but in any event, listen, this little girl was last seen with casey, and for 30 days she lied and lied and lied about this little girl. i mean, she's innocent. she's acquitted. okay. she had the girl. she had to know what happened to this little baby. her conduct, you know, it's -- it's reprehensible. she's not guilty, again, and having said that, if we look at this case and we take out the names and put mr. x and mrs. x, and we look at the fact pattern here and it's really appalling.
12:22 pm
i have to believe this jury. it's a repudation. they were light and shaky. dr. voss and his machine was ridiculous. >> i want to jump in, because i want to talk about the forensics here, and richard herman stand by. >> okay. >> let's go to a former police detective. talk to me about the jury. they got a crash course in forensics, and dna, and the hair -- pieces of hair that were found in the trunk, and the shockingly high levels of chloroform in the trunk and in the carpet and on the wheel well. this was a 101 in forensics for these men and women. >> i think it was a bit overwhelming for the jury. we're surprised in such a short period of time they rendered a
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decision, and we were thinking it would be guilty on some account. but this is the first time, it's a test case on the cadaver dogs. the case was built circumstancely. it was a hard case to sell, and did mr. baez -- did he believe casey's lies, or was it orchestrated. it's a sad day for the criminal justice system, i believe. >> do you think it's possible that this jury given all the bits and pieces of the forensics, do you think it would easily be overwhelming for them? >> yes, and it was overwhelming, and i think it's going to be interested to see what the jurors say once they speak -- >> if at all. >> yes, if at all. but the defense hammered in reasonable doubt, reasonable doubt. i think it got into the heads of the jurors. they rendered their decision. in law enforcement we often look at the courtroom as a stage, and whoever puts on the best show will be the best winner, and i
12:24 pm
think that happened in this case. >> thank you so much. stand by me. we have to get a quick break in. we heard from the defense team, and now we're waiting to hear from prosecutors. we have live pictures of that podium, and we should be seeing and hearing from that team, and we have david mattingly outside the courthouse and he will talk about live reaction and what is next. a lot more to come. we'll be right back. [ female ] we will always be dependent on foreign oil. [ male ] using clean american fuel is just a pipe dream. ♪ [ female announcer ] we're rolling away misperceptions
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an hour and a half ago, casey anthony learned her fate. not guilty on murder one, and not guilty on child abuse or aggravated manslaughter.
12:27 pm
she was found guilty of providing false information to a police officer. her attorneys perhaps out of being stunned and perhaps out of her own safety did not ask for bail, but when they return back to that courtroom for sentencing at 9:00 a.m. on thursday morning, casey anthony could be a free woman. i want to remind you, we are waiting for the state to speak. we heard from her attorneys viz rating those in the media. and also we were hoping to hear from the 12 members of the jury. seven women and five men. we learned in the last five minutes they will not be speaking, perhaps out of their own security because of how so many people in the orlando community feel about this verdict that is down. let's listen to sound. this is how folks feel on the street.
12:28 pm
>> what was your reaction? >> i can't believe it. this is disgusting. >> you don't agree with the jury? >> no, no, not at all. >> i don't think anybody here agrees. >> maybe because i am a mother. i don't know why i am so emotional about it. maybe because i am a mother. even with the evidence that we did have, i know there was no physical evidence that really put her there, but there was a lot of circumstantial evidence, and there was enough there. there was enough. >> i am very upset because justice was not found, evidence was there, the duct tape, and ashton did a great job of proving his case, and i am surprised the jury did not take -- did not prove her guilty was the evidence was there and i'm upset and feel really bad. nobody wins in this situation. there is a 2 1/2-year-old that is dead, and it's just really sad. >> i am in total shock.
12:29 pm
everything that has happened, it's basically like you almost have to film and watch somebody commit a crime and have it on somebody for something to happen today. i don't know what else to say. i don't know. i have to get out of here because it's bothering me. >> how about that reaction from that verdict. not guilty on murder one or child abuse or aggravated manslaughter. let's go to david mattingly who has been covering the trial. what are you seeing? are you seeing the crowds -- i imagine security is very tight there. >> reporter: yeah, there is a crowd outside the courthouse right now and directly behind me there's a crowd gathering of media, as that's the case where we're expected to hear from prosecutors and the sheriff. that was arranged before the verdict was handed down.
12:30 pm
we're waiting to see if anybody shows up here. the people interested in the case fell into two categories, the people that believed casey was guilty and wanted to see justice for that little girl caylee, and then there were people attracted by the spectacle of it, and wanted to be part of it and wanted to say they were in the courtroom and watch what happened. the latter group is not going home disappointed today. this rather dramatic end to this very intensely-watched trial, sort of par for the course and all the tremendous turns that have gone through this. the interest with this was elevated to a new level when the defense came out and was talking about their new theory of what happened and caylee drowned in the swimming pool and the father orchestrated the cover-up and placed her body there in the woods. so right now you have some people who are deeply and
12:31 pm
personally disappointed by this, and then there are people who came to see the show and they got an ending they probably did not predict. >> david maddingly, you're the one on the ground. let's switch this off of casey anthony. let's show the live pictures from our affiliate in orlando. there are crowds of people. david, are we to assume these are people, just on lookers, people from the community, part of the circus? >> oh, sure. this has been very much a point of interest for anybody in this city. yesterday, the fourth of july and over the fourth of july weekend we saw a lot of people coming here, and sometimes entire families with their cameras to have their pictures taken in front of the building, and perhaps seeing somebody with the trial walking out as a tourism type of attraction. this has been something that
12:32 pm
captured the attention of so many people. if they were in the neighborhood, they could come and see who they could see. anybody who has been part of the trial, all the attorneys, they have been elevated to a celebrity status in this area. i saw people wearing t-shirts for the past couple of days of celebrating the prosecutors. one of them said team ashton on it. one of the people who were not only interested in watching this play out, there were fans of the participants in this courtroom, and somebody feeling very vindicated is jose baez who was under tremendous criticism for the way he defended casey anthony and the way he was handling himself in the court. it's clear that when he approached the jury in closing arguments and said look at this evidence, this is where reasonable doubt lives. the jury was listening to him.
12:33 pm
they looked at the information and the facts the prosecution had given them, and there was not enough there to render a guilty verdict. so everybody outside the courtroom, and regardless of how this turned out, really soaking in the spectacle today, you can probably hear the helicopters buzzing up above, and since the word has come down the crowd has grown and doubled in the last hour. so we're just watching as people are when they are coming down, just like they are watching who is going to come out and who is going to talk and what is going to happen next. the postscript to the very long and sad tragedy. >> speaking of the postscript, part of that is hearing from the state, from the prosecution team, and we are hearing from them any moment now. david mattingly, i thank you for that. and we have holly hughes about
12:34 pm
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i do want to remind you, switching gears a tad. let's talk about deficits. live pictures of the white house. why are we showing this to you? because president obama will speak at 4:40 eastern time. we will take that live and make brief remarks. i am told by a white house spokesperson, brief remarks to the white house approach to the economy. the deadline set by geithner, secretary for the treasury, as august 2 nd is an important date. we will hear from the president 4:40 eastern time. we'll take it live. switching back to casey anthony, she was found guilty by 12 members of the jury, and we will not speak to them and their names will not be released.
12:38 pm
not guilty, first-degree murder, not guilty child abuse or aggravated manslaughter. she was found guilty on four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer in connection to her toddler's death. we have the bottom right hand corner of your screen, that box, as soon as we see them come we will take it live. you had jose baez and cheney mason not holding back, and take a listen. >> well i hope that this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in media assassination for three years, biassed and prejudiced and incompetent talking heads saying what would be and how it could be. i am disgusted by some of the lawyers that have done this.
12:39 pm
i can tell you that my colleagues from coast-to-coast and border to border have condemned the whole process of lawyers getting on television and talking about cases that they don't know a thing about. now you learned a lesson. >> son yanysonny, you and i hav talking about this for weeks. you heard about that, coast-to-coast and border to border. what is your reaction to that? true? >> he's right to say that. i have been covering this for you for about a month, and covering in total for over two years. i am surprised about the slant we have seen. i tried to keep my coverage very, very neutral, because i always said this was a circumstantial case. this was never a slam dunk for the prosecution.
12:40 pm
there was never evidence, never anybody that would say i saw casey anthony kill caylee antho anthony. nobody was going to say i saw casey anthony put duct tape over caylee's face. nobody was going to say that. so i think when americans and people all over the world are so shocked at this verdict, they need to remember that in this country the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt, and that burden of proof is only shouldered by the prosecutor. i can say that because i am a former prosecutor and know how high that standard is, and in this case it's clear the jury felt that standard was not met. not that the jury got it wrong, but that the jury listened to the law and that is the prosecution had to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt. and unfortunately, for the prosecution, they did not do that. >> here is my question, and it
12:41 pm
looks like here is activity, and maybe members of the prosecution team about to speak. we will have to interrupt that conversation here if and when that happens. if the jury ultimately decided she was not guilty, let's say, of murder one, are they saying little caylee did in fact die of accidental drowning or was she murdered or will we not know until we hear from the jury. let's listen in. >> it's loud, good afternoon. a little housekeeping before we begin just to let you know how this is going to flow. we have state attorney lamar making a few comments and then he will be followed by orange county sheriff demings speaks, we will include the press. this is not an opportunity with independence interviews with law enforcement or investigative officials. i would like to introduce state attorney lawson lamar and orange
12:42 pm
county sheriff demings. >> i want to thank you all for the opportunity to speak. about 34 months ago, october of 2008, i stood in the courtyard behind us after the grand jury indicted casey anthony for the murder of her daughter and i said that we would not discuss this case outside of the courtroom, and i am pleased to say that we have not until this time. at that time, i also said that the indictment was not a conviction and that the defendant is always cloaked with the presumption of innocence. i promised we would do our talking in court and we did. for us, the case has never been about the defendant in particular. it's always about seeking justice for caylee and speaking on her behalf. some exploited the case for personal gain, to add revenues
12:43 pm
or 15 minutes of fame. since day one we kept our promise that we would be focusing on finding and proving the truth about this child's homicide. the pretrial publicity generated by others has led to the great expense of having to seek a jury outside of our media market. we have avoided making any statements that would feed the publicity and only released what florida public records law requires us to release, and that's whatever documents were furnished in discovery. so much of the angst and taxpayer expense could have been avoided if there were not temptation by notoriety. we have always tried to prevent the issuance of any statements that were not relevant and that
12:44 pm
all relevant statements be made in the courtroom. there are a number of professional, dedicated and talented people who persevered to bring this case to its conclusion. linda led the team with great skill and ability. jeff ashton built a forensic per sigs case, and frank george presented a series of complex witnesses. this trial team is world class and in command of the evidence. they did it skillfully and without historyonics. the task they were asked to complete was difficult, and this community owes them a debt of gratitude. we have had a lot of help gathering the facts. the lead agency in this case has been the orange county sheriff's
12:45 pm
office. sheriff demings led a team and a team i should be proud of and i want to thank him personally for the work he and his department have done in order to bring this case together. at this time i would like to ask sheriff demings to make a few remarks. >> good afternoon. it's my duty and privilege to stand before you this afternoon to make a few brief comments as we are now at the close of the murder trial involving casey marie anthony. i must acknowledge my investigative team that stands with me this afternoon. as we just celebrated the fourth of july, independence day, we celebrate the united states of america and what freedom means to each of us. we must remember that men and
12:46 pm
women have died in our armed forces and law enforcement to protect the rights of others like us who value freedom, independence, and life. for three long years the citizens of orange county have sought justice in the death of 2-year-old caylee marie anthony. on december 11th, 2008, caylee's remains were discovered. the orange county sheriff's office has been involved in the criminal investigation of her disappearance and death since july of 2008. there have been numerous individuals and agencies that have assisted us during that investigation and prosecution
12:47 pm
case of casey marie anthony. i must acknowledge a few of those individuals and agencies who have assisted us today. there have been numerous volunteers who assisted in the search for caylee. i must thank the orlando police department, and the orange county medical examiner and the orange county corrections department and the florida department of law enforcement and the federal bureau of investigation and the state's attorney office for the ninth judicial circuit here in florida. i must also thank personally state attorney lawson lamar and his team of prosecutors, especially attorneys jeffrey ashton and linda drane for their
12:48 pm
work on this case. i must also thank deputy sheriffs, detectives and forensics and other support personnel who worked diligently to assemble the evidence, to conclude this death investigation. i could not be anymore proud of the performance of my staff throughout both the investigation and the trial. they have admiralbly represented the orange county sheriff's office and citizens of orange county florida throughout the process. i must also recognize the support shown to the orange county sheriff's office by the community and the media throughout the proceedings. on behalf of the nearly 2500 men and women at the orange county
12:49 pm
sheriff's office, we thank you for your support. as a verdict has been rendered, we ask our community to respect the decision, the jury and court have made today. in doing so we ask for your continued peaceful acknowledgment of that verdict. historically there have been other high-profile criminal prosecutions throughout our nation that resulted in civil disobedience. please, i ask this community that regardless of one's personal beliefs about this innocence or guilt of casey marie anthony, that you maintain your peaceful resolve. i also ask that those who do not
12:50 pm
live in the anthony's neighborhood to avoid that area. deputy sheriffs will be patrolling throughout the county to insure that order and peace maintained again. i return it lack over to lamar. >> thank you, sheriff. we are grateful to the attorneys and staff who put this case on. all of you saw that linda drane-burdick brought together a precision case. jeff ashton plented wonderful scientific evidence. frank george presented a series of complex witnesses, and we owe
12:51 pm
them a lot. their staff backed them the whole way. in 2008, they provided them this indo i want and we thank them for their work. i want to personally reiterate to juri melic, john allen, eric edwards, the fbi, their laboratory people did work that was not only relevant in each and every case, but excellent. i want to thank special agent nick savage, karen callen and paula wolf, their general council. i want to thank texas equusearch and the thousands of volunteers who searched for caylee marie anthony.
12:52 pm
the florida department of law enforcement, their laboratories did extremely fine work for all of us, the citizens. we're proud of all of them, and you need to realize that tomorrow, my homicide teams go back to work like they do every day. approximately 140 pending murder cases in orange county. child murders wre greatfully and terribly are not rare inform america today. the only difference has been that the news has not highlighted their murders. we do this business of seeking justice each and every day,
12:53 pm
protecting the innocent from criminals. that's what prosecutors do. we're disappointed with the verdict today. we put in absolutely every piece of evidence that existed. our team did an exemplary job, i'm proud of them and i stand by their work. i never, ever criticize the jury. theirs is the task of deciding what to believe. reasonable doubt as to each and every element in a case, especially a case like this, which is a mosaic of proof, with no smoking gun, and a tiny victim who is reduced by time and the elements to skeletal remains, those remains lacking in any chemical evidence that could be brought forward. this is a dry bones case. very, very difficult to prove.
12:54 pm
the recovery and little caylee's remains work to our considerable disadvantage. our maintain of evidence did not eliminate in the jury's view every reasonable doubt. the investigators, the scientists and the prosecutors did their job. so did the jury. we do not criticize them. so did the defense. they did a good job. we go back to work tomorrow. to prosecute the 101,000 cases that come to us each year, the 140 pending murders and the 11 remaining child murders. we thank you for your attention. we thank you for the public for their attention to this case. and i would reiterate the request that the sheriff made for calm in the public despite what your personal views to guilt or innocence might be. the criminal system worked. we did our job, the jury did their job.
12:55 pm
the court was extremely well managed. and this is justice in america. we go forward to fight again tomorrow with great thanks to all the people that have helped us to do our duty. this concludes the presentation. thank you. >> and there you have it. orange county state attorney lamar lawson speaking saying the justice system worked. certainly their team, the prosecution disappointed. they lost today. talking a lot about the delay in recovering little caylee's remains. remember, it was june 16, 2008 when little caylee disappeared. it wasn't until july 15, 31 days later when cindy anthony demanded answers, where was her granddaughter? we heard from the sheriff talking about peace, making sure it's peaceful tonight in
12:56 pm
orlando, i want to show these pictures and go to martin savage. he's in the thick of things as many, many people. not at all tied to this trial have been descending upon this courthouse. martin savage was inside the courtroom. >> where are you? what has the reaction been? >> brooke, we're standing outside the courthouse. they cleared the front area of the courthouse. we show you a quick area here. they moved everybody away from the front of the courthouse. that's a no-go zone. what they have essentially done is set up protest areas, it's really areas where the public can gather, if they want to talk tobt media, that's where they can do it. they were ready for whatever the verdict may be. we're talking to a couple here that lives actually just down the street. this is not only a story they know, it's a story that pretty much had to live. let's get your name. >> chris, ashley. >> and last? >> mills.
12:57 pm
>> let me ask your reaction to the verdict, chris? >> i was a bit shocked at first to be quite honest. i had no idea what way it would go. and it was just kind of shocking. >> i agree. we watched it at home and then came down here, and it was very shocking. just a little disbelief. with mixed feelings about it. >> here's the question. so who killed caylee? >> that's a question only casey and god knows. no one else can tell you for sure. >> brooke, with ehad the opportunity -- we thought we were going to have an opportunity to talk to the jury members. there was supposed to be a news conference and by the luck of draw, question number one, and labored so long on what question to ask, and of course, it all went for not. we do not get to talk directly to the jury. at least we don't get this opportunity now. if you had that opportunity, though, what would you want to know? >> i mean, i want to know what happened inside the deliberation room. i'm a big fan of the movie "12 angry men" with henry fonda.
12:58 pm
was it something like that, one person that kind of held their ground the whole time? or was it several people that went one way? who knows. >> martin, i've got to cut you off. i know so many people would have so many questions with members for the jurors. we have to get a break in. we'll be right back.
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> welcome back. breaking news, casey anthony, the 25-year-old woman there in orlando who is on driel trooil for allegations of murdering her young 2 1/2-year-old girl caylee, the verdict has been in. just within the last two hours or so. i want to go through the juror forms, the verdict forms here.
1:01 pm
aggravated child abuse, not guilty. count three, aggravated manslaughter of after child, not guilty. then on final counts, four, five and sick, providing law enforcement to a law enforcement officer, guilty. keep in mind, she is already been serving time for the last three years, so presumably when she is sentenced at 9:00 a.m. eastern time thursday morning, casey anthony given the time she's already served could be walking out of that courthouse a three woman. all kinds of mixed reaction. we have, of course, martin savage inside that courtroom. we'll talk to him about how everyone appeared and the members of the anthony family and members within the court and of course the juror. in case you missed it, let's take it back to when the verdict was handed down. take a listen. >> would the defendant rise along with council? >> madam clerk, you may publish the verdict.
1:02 pm
>> the circuit court in and for orange county, florida, state of florida, versus casey marie anthony, as to case number 2008, 15606-0, as to the charge of first degree murder, the verdict as to count one, we the jury found the defendant not guilty so say we all, orange county florida on this fifth day of july 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, verdict as to count two, we the jury find the defendant not guilty, so say we all. dated orlando orange county florida this fifth day of july. signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child, verdict as to count three, we the jury found the defendant not guilty, so say we all, dated orlando orange county florida this 5th day of july, signed foreperson.
1:03 pm
>> there you have it, an emotional casey anthony listening as she's hearing these counts read one through seven. i want to go with martin savage. what a unique perspective. he was sitting inside the courtroom. you could have heard a pin drop before the verdict was handed down. >> jose baez bent on his knee and bent very closely. they were trying to reassure her. then they mare the verdict and an absolute stunner for everybody inside the courtroom. you could hear everybody breathe in with this sudden ingest of air as they heard the first not guilty and then not guilty.
1:04 pm
they were just so stunned by what they heard. casey had been holding on to the happened of jose baez. after the verdict, they had a huge group hug and they were just sobbing. the entire defense team broke down as they realized they had won a remarkable victory. but that was the only noise in the courtroom. everyone else filed out. >> what about cindy and george and lee, how far away were they sitting from casey. and how did they react? could you tell? >> lee was not there. he wasn't there for this preimminent moment where you get the verdict. cindy and antdny were seated where they've always been seated.
1:05 pm
they were gone, bolted out the door after the verdict was read. you would love to know what it was they thought. there has to be a great sense of relief. their daughter is not going to face the death penalty. we want to hear from the jurors but that's not going to happen. at least not now. >> i know you were the ones to get the first question into the members of jury, and as we learned, the seven women, the five men, total 12, they will not be speaking. their names will not be ereleased, at least not yet. we have heard that we will be hearing from two, but they are just two alternates. but did you floets at all, was there any emotion within that 12? when the verdict was handed down? >> did i notice emotion coming from the jurors itself? >> no. they were very stoic about it. they were trying to -- you know, of course, you're constantly rotating your eyes between one side of the room to the other. but no, they came -- and i watched them as they came in.
1:06 pm
and at first, i thought boy, this isn't going to go well for the defendant because they did not want to appear to have any eye contact. those who did quickly looked the other way. and of course, we tend to read into that that's a bad thing for the defendant. but clearly that's not the case. but no real reaction. we didn't see anything in the way they walked in or presented themselves. the only minor thing we pointed out this morning was that a number of them came dresed very well. in other words, they were dressed not in their comfortable clothes that i normally well for deliberation. they came dressed as if this was going to be an important day, aka, they also knew this was probably going to be a verdict day. >> wow. just 11 hours of deliberations. let's go to jeff toobin. we go to a little reaction here. >> i'm interested by the fact that it took -- and i don't mean just, maybe it's a lot of time, maybe it isn't. they were prepared clearly this
1:07 pm
morning to have a verdict. does that surprise you. was it quit? was it not quick? >> i thought if they had convicted, i would have been just about the right amount of time. but obviously they went the opposite direction. they had listened very carefully, taken all their notes and what they thought was there's ott not enough evidence here, because they didn't ask one question, they didn't send out a note saying can we get a read back, can you tell us what this evidence was or a transcript read back? so they pretty much when they went in there had made up their minds okay, let's review this evidence and that's all the time they needed. so we can never say that a jury is too quick or too short because they took it seriously, they took the time they needed and they rendered the decision that they think the evidence supported. >> sunny hostin, do we still have sunny standing by? we have a question for sunny. my question is this.
1:08 pm
>> given the fact that casey anthony has already served three years, could she theoretically be walking away an acquittal can never be appealed. >> that's right. in answer to your second question, yes. an acquittal cannot be appealed. she was convicted of four counts of false information. those are first degree misdemeanors, punishment of up to one year in prison as well as $1,000 fine for each count. so if judge perry on thursday determines that she should be sentenced consecutively one after the other after the other after the other, she would get four years. but you're right. she could get out almost immediately, or she could spend a little bit more time in prison
1:09 pm
an then be released. so we could see casey anthony going home? >> why didn't casey anthony ask for bail today? >> she was convicted of four counts, first degree misdemeanors. i think perhaps in the scheme of things, they forgot to do that, but i think more likely it was sentencing is on thursday, four counts in front of this judge, it is likely that she's going to get consecutive sentences. so i would imagine that went into the equation of what they thought to do. >> okay. sunny hostin, stand by for me. richard, i want your reaction to this verdict. first and foremost. secondly, what do you make of the fact that we will not be hearing, at least not yet from a single one of these 12 jurors today. >> i think the jurors may fear for themselves. the crowds outside every day, lining up. you know, they -- i think they just want to get home safely and get out of this jurisdiction. i think that's probably the reason we didn't hear from them.
1:10 pm
and we may not hear from them. we may hear from them when they make book deals or they do media interviews sometime after today. president jury has spoken. i have seen it all, i really have, brook. this is just an amazing turnaround. i mean, if you look at the way the defense was put up, you know, all i can say is baez fought with passion. i'm not sure he was versed in the rules of evidence. i'm not sure the opening was the best thing to do. and nine out of ten times, i don't know that this is the result you're going to get. but having said all that, i ate crow, i apologize for some of my criticism of him. there are winners.
1:11 pm
the client was a big winner, the criminal justice system is a big winner. and this is an absolute repudiation of the forensic case put on by the state. this court has about a 95% conviction rate with reasonable doubt. so 95%. this was really an unlikely result and look, congratulations to the entire baez team, cheney mason, everyone on that staff. wonderful result for you. >> you're right. it has a 95% conviction rate which enforces my true belief that this jury knew they were going to be scrutinized. they were tired. they took a position, hung their hat on the reasonable doubt because they did believe that this was a leap of faith
1:12 pm
prosecution case where they really had to hang their in suspension in belief in completing a puzzle that they didn't want to complete and by them going home, the message is clear. i had my say, i don't need to explain it. i'm going to hang my verdict on reasonable doubt and baez gave them that open door and they took it. >> we've heard the prosecution saying this is the example of how the justice system ran its course and it did work. we're going to have much more on this breaking story. more color inside the courtroom and hear from people and their reactions as crowds are still outside of this courtroom. folks, the show is over. the spectacle is over. they're not leaving yet. we'll have more pictures from orlando. also want to remind you, in just
1:13 pm
about half an hour, we will be hearing from the president. he will be addressing the debt ceiling. you know the deadline august 2 set by tim geithner, treasury secretary. we have heard from senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, essentially saying hey, mr. president, members of congress, let's talk. extending an invitation to negotiate. we will be hearing from the president, 4:40 p.m. eastern time. we'll take it live here on cnn. . build a new app for the sales team in beijing. and convince the c.e.o. his email will find him... wherever he is. i need to see my family while they're still awake. [ male announcer ] with global services from dell, jim can address his company's i.t. needs through custom built applications, cloud solutions and ongoing support in over 100 countries. so his company sees results. and jim sees his family. dell. the power to do more. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want.
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♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪ >> welcome back. casey anthony has found not guilty of the murder in the first degree, not guilty aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter. the question i have -- the fact of the matter is we have a toddler who is dead and we may never know how caylee anthony
1:16 pm
died. is it possible that we could see a prosecution? another prosecution for her death? >> i don't think so. because if we look at the facts, brooke, you know, we say that a trial is is a search for the truth, you know, i did a blog on this a couple weeks ago. you all are going to be let down. you never are going to get the answers that you want. they said to the prosecution, you didn't prove to me beyond a reasonable doubt that casey killed her, but just use your common sense, casey was the last one seen with that little baby, she was dressed in clothes that cindy testified did not come from george and cindy's house. so we know the little girl left the house with casey, but beyond that, we don't know. and we may never know. and i was, you know, i was talking earlier and i said that no matter what happens, we are left with two emotions. we are horrified and we are heart broken. and that's what i think about george and cindy anthony right
1:17 pm
now. they are horrified that they still don't know what happened to that grand baby that they love so much and they're heart broken because they're never going to get her back. >> how do they continue life in this community? cindy, lee, george, casey? given the fact that their faces have been splattered all over television and yups fnewspapers some time now. right now, there's a security perimeter around the anthony home, right? to keep them safe and secure. how do they move forward? >> it is a task beyond comprehension. you think about what happened in this trial. you know, we talked about it. from the sas pekt of why was the trial so fascinating. and i have always maintained that it's because you had a duality, you had the legality and then you had the humanity and all the different issues that arose with this family. and what we've seen, brooke, is this family torn apart and especially by allegations made by the defense team in opening. they were doing what they had to do. they were trying to save her
1:18 pm
life and guess what? they succeeded. but now, how do you step back? and how does that father george anthony look at his daughter knowing that she called him a child rapist and called her brother a molester. how do you go back and say just kidding. that was to just get me off, you understand that, right? >> let me get sunny hostin to weigh in here. how do they move forward? is they move forward in this community? can they even keep this family together? >> i think it's going to be very difficult. i mean, certainly, they became, at least george anthony became a villain in this trial. he was vilified by this defense team who alleged he had been sexually been abusing casey anthony. and just alleged a lot of things. he was complicit in the cover-up of this accident death, a theory i don't think anyone thought made a lot of sense. then you have cindy anthony who was on the witness stand, i counted about six times, brook,
1:19 pm
and many people think she tried to perjure herself when she said she formed the searches for chloroform rather tharn casey. and it was shown casey later actually she had been at work. i think they're very conflicted by this. i know that they left the courtroom right after the verdict. they did not stare at their daughter. they did not share that moment. so i think you have a lot of conflict that lives with them. because as holly says, you have a dead grand baby here, but your daughter now is not going to be put to death for that. so can they put their lives back together? i think so. as a former per, i dealt with so many victims. and i can tell you that there is life after a crime has happened. so i think they have a lot of work to be done, but hopefully this family can somehow be put back together. >> a lot of work to be done, but still as we look at these
1:20 pm
pictures, forever mourning the loss of this precious, prerciou little girl. when i come back, a woman who drove 100 miles from her home to the anthony's home today. what motivates a person to tu turn -- a spectator to turn into a spectator for a trial like this. i'll ask her. ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. ♪ i look all tough and uncaring. but when i see an rv roll in with a big family... well, it fills my heart. but, as affordable as it is, it just makes sense to get everybody up and go on a vacation together. whoa, i didn't mean all of us. [ boy ] it's surprising just how affordable an rv vacation can be. see for yourself at and get a free video. or visit an rv dealer. go affordably. go rving. >> quick note here before i go to this woman on the phone who drove 100 miles to orlando today.
1:23 pm
we're looking at boxes on your screen. we will be hearing from the president. he will be speaking 20 minutes from now, 4:40 eastern time, talking about the debt. and again, that looming deadline set by the treasury department august 2. that is the date upon which we can go before the nation defaults. so we have the president then, but we have now learned that in about eight minutes from now, we will be hears from senate republicans on capitol hill to talk debt. we will bring both of those to you live. but let me talk now about the story that we have been all over here the last couple of hours, casey anthony. and i want to go now on the phone. i have a woman, mel lee mcmullen. melan melanie, you hopped in your car today. you drove 100 miles to orlando because why? >> well, i thought today would be justice for caylee. i've been watching this case since i've been pregnant almost
1:24 pm
three years ago. i have a 2 1/2 daughter now, every time i look at her, touch her, kiss her, hug her, i think of caylee. and i can't imagine my child being out of my sight for, you know, a couple minutes let alone 31 days and going out and partying. and doing the things even if casey didn't kill her, which i guess we have to follow the justice system. i knew there was a lot of reasonable doubt, but i just thought that in itself, to go 31 days without reporting or letting any family members know what was happying is just shocking to me. >> you're the mom of a toddler, also a middle schoolteacher. and from what i've been told, you drove all the way past the anthony home. around the area where little caylee's remains were found
1:25 pm
today. it's one thing to sit and watch the trial on television. what was it in you that processed you to get in your car to go see this in person today? >> i think it's because of the family dynamics and i wanted to see it close after watching all the trial, you know, putting it actually in front of me. it was unbelievably shocking how close the anthony home was to where the remains were found. just wanted to see for myself. it looks completely different. everything is so close up. the neighborhood is just like any other neighborhood. middle class families. >> being there made it real for you. how did you feel being there, near where the remains were
1:26 pm
found? >> to tell you the truth, my mom and i were chewed up from mosqui mosquitos, just being there the time we were there. it was just to see the conditions without really having a tropical storm or anything, it was very, very mucky. you could see further in where it was swamp like, but just to think right there, that's where she was. just so sad. >> i thank you so much for calling in. melanie mcmullen, mom of a 2 1/2-year-old, same age little caylee anthony was when she died. quick reminder we're waiting for the president. the president of the united states should be speaking about debt here in about 15 minutes time. we should also be hearing from members of the gop on capitol
1:27 pm
hill, republican senators talking debt as well. got to get a quick break. be right back.
1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
>> welcome back. we're waiting for two things. first the senate gop talkings
1:30 pm
from capitol hill and then ten minutes later, we'll hear from the president talking about the debt ceiling. busy week here, busy news week, isn't it? but i do want to talk specifically about debt. and about this poll, right? americans were polled about what? >> americans were polled about who they think would be responsible if the debt ceiling was increased, if this goes to the last minute. especially in the past week and a half, two week, both parties have become entrenched. they dug their heels in. i think they think the primary voters will support them. but this poll shows if you look the ate, the gop has something to be concern about. 33% say the president, 42%, the
1:31 pm
gop. i. >> enot sure republicans will look at that aempb read that much into it. i think they believe their primary voters -- right now we're talking political season. we're talking 2012. where do they need to be positioned? how steadfast should they hold to what they say they're going to do in order to fare well with the voters. >> we know the president will be speaking tomorrow coming to the table, negotiating over some factors, the august 2 deadline, getting closer and closer. really, it's july 22. republicans are saying what today? >> we've got the sound. >> i think the best way to solve this impasse is for the president to hear what needs to be done aun how we can do it.
1:32 pm
hear what can actually pass here in congress. it's easy to understand the principles here from prior point of view. it's not about rich and poor. it's not about an election. it's about making washington take the hit for a change. it's about having washington make some tough choices for a change. >> and that is what drives me nuts. they all say the same thing. it's about tough choices. washington is going to take a look at this and take the tough choices. the president needs to hear what will pass. just tell me. if you're the president, tell me what is your bottom line deal. if you're mitch mcconnell, what's the bottom line? what will you take? everyone says the same things. nobody puts out the specifics because it's painful. it's going to be painful for all of us. >> what about about this amendment, okay, we agree to raise the debt kreeling if you say okay, we'll balance the
1:33 pm
budget. easier said than done. but good news and progress. the president is coming forward, we should be hearing from him in a matter of minutes, the president is saying to both the leaders from the republican party and also leaders of the democrats in both the house and senate sides look, let's all talk about this. let's come to the table this week to negotiate, but to your point, it's like the pacifics beyond the rhetoric, what's going on? >> it's not about the senate. it's what will pass the house republicans. that's where the fiercest opposition is, that's where the sale has to be made. i'm not sure how you get there. in addition, speaker boehner has come out and said august 2, you know, that is a deadline, but it really doesn't mean the sky is going to fall. it means we pick and choose which bills we're paying and we finance interest debt. but the military is still going to get paid. the country will continue to run. however, this is a huge problem that we as a nation have to address.
1:34 pm
there are clearly going to be cuts in a lot of places. there are going to have to be revenue increases. the question is, are you rel wii? are you what they consider wealthy? the president said $250,000 a year if you're a couple, $200,000 if you're single. and even on a lot of democrats say you've got to jack that up a lot higher to be able to count as the wealthy right now in america. >> will you stay with me? stay right here edie hill. we're awaiting both the president and republican senators to be speaking in a matter of moments, talking debt. what will they say? who will come to the table? we'll be right back.
1:35 pm
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1:37 pm
>> welcome back here to the news room. you have the senate republicans we'll be hearing from momentarily. and the white house, the president coming out to address the debt crisis. again that debt ceiling deadline is looming. that date is august 2. we are clearly within that one-month mark. remind you all that i am joined by colleague edie hill who will be nilling in for me.
1:38 pm
what are we expecting to hear from the president and capitol hill? >> the president will invite congressional leaders to the white house. they've been at at impase impas able to get past tax hikes. republicans are saying it's a no-go. democrats saying the wealthier americans need to pay a little bit more. the president is saying there's no reason why these hedge fund b managers making so much money are paying much less than they were decades ago. that's really been the sticking point. what we hear is that the president is inviting the leadership here to the white house later this week for discussions. >> so he has ultimately been accepting the senate minority leadership. >> he's inviting them up to the hill, that's right. >> got it.
1:39 pm
do we have any more specifics? do we know when? >> we don't. the president expected to come out here in just about a minute or so. we should get more details on exactly when that will happen 3 there is a looming deadline august 2. that's a message no doubt we'll continue to hear from the president when he coming out here today. >> the president is saying dire consequences. if we end up at august 2 and everything doesn't go. what then will people think? what kind of -- >> what kind of message does that send to america?
1:40 pm
my fear is that might embolden them to take things closer to deadlines. >> we're waiting to hear from the president. are we within the one-minute warning of the president? >> we did not get that. >> my apologies. >> he was supposed to come out here about now. actually, he's a little late. >> my apologies. i didn't want to go off to capitol hill without hearing from the president. i do want to go to my colleague kate baldwin. i understand some members of the republican party rp speaking. do we know what they're saying this afternoon? >> the republican party, i can tell you -- oh, sorry, probably getting some news right now. but we'll pick that up later. if you ne if. >> if you need to look, go ahead. we're all in the breaking news game. >> i spoke to a few republicans
1:41 pm
that come here. the senate majority leader harry reid said he had to cancel this schedule july 4 recess in order to take on these very big issues talking about the debt. it's a resolution having to do with libya, u.s. involvement in that military operation. they're being called back to take on what is the most pressing issue for congress and this white house. taking on, trying to come to some agreement to raise the debt ceiling ahead of this august 2 deadline. and they kind of flab gasted that they're all debating a resolution on libya. so that's one thing we've definitely been hearing up here today.
1:42 pm
why negotiators here have been meeting and talking, sounds like we have at least an invitation to begin once again. >> i also want to sneak a quick break in. we're waiting for the president to speak. let's gaet a break in. ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪ in servicing clients that serve our country. my name is marjorie reyes. i'm a chief warrant officer. i am very grateful and appreciative
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i didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my power chair. with help from the scooter store, medicare and my insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. >> all right, kate, what are you learning? >> i'm learning now -- fortunately i did pick up that phone call afterall, i'm learning no uh that we have heard that it will be the big eight, as they call it, the big eight which will be involved in this invitation and this meeting at the white house.
1:45 pm
senate majority leader reid, jon kyl, the speaker of the house, john boehner, as well as eric cantor. that would be the group we're hearing would be involved in the invitation to talk about the debt crisis. and i'm also told that meeting is tentatively scheduled for thursday. so that's the latest we have here from capitol hill. >> thursday, kate, at the white house? >> that's what we're hearing right now, yes. >> oing, kate baldwin, glad we got you to pick up your blackberry. before we were talking about a bipartisan group, it was a gang of six. now we're hearing the big eight. so that make sense. if we hit the august deadline, nothing is done.
1:46 pm
if a compromise is met, what message that sends to america. >> even as the administration changes the exact wording they're using, instead of saying america won't meet its bills, they're saying america won't be able to pay some of its bills, we'll have to choose what things we can pay right there. we desperately needed the economy to get better. >> it's not time to play politics. we realize that going into an election year. >> senator sessions, i spoke with him last week. i spoke to senator cornyn, kyl. and senator sessions and the president on the exact same day within about an hour or two of each other, both said hey, we're not leaving and going on this
1:47 pm
long july 4 break, stay here, let's get the work done. are they going to get any work done? no. no one wants to be seen going out and vacations when there is this, as they're putting it, crisis looming. how can you go home and go out fish on the bass boat? you have to stay there and do some work. but as we just saw, they said that last week. they just now decided to meet on thursday? it's tuesday. get it together and get together. >> edie hill in hasn't. >> that's my thought. >> i like it. stand by, you stand by. we're waiting again for the president. we'll hear what words he decides to choose here as we await the big eight meeting, tentatively set for this thursday. again, packed house there in the white house briefing room. got to get another break in. ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome.
1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
we're waiting to hear from republican senators on the hill. apparently the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell earlier today extended the invitation to this man to talk debt. let's listen. we had a series of discussions in both parties. we made progress and i believe that greater progress is within site, but i don't want to fool anybody. we still have the differences. we're in fear of defaulting debt in the short term, but then wants to kick the can down the road when it comes to solving the larger problem of our deficit. i don't share that view.
1:50 pm
i don't thing the american people here sent us here to avoid tough problems. it's, in fact, what drives them nuts about washington. i don't want to do that here. i believe now we have a unique opportunity to do something big, to tackle our deficit in a way that forces our government to live within its means, that puts our economy on a stronger footing for the chew purr . most of us agree to solve our deficit problem, we need to find trillions in savings over the next decade and significantly more in the decade that follow.
1:51 pm
to get there, i believe we need a balanced approach. we need to take on spending in domestic programs, in defense programs, in entitlement programs and we need to take on spending in the tax code. we need to get tax deduks for qualified americans. this will require poet batters to agree on real compromise. i'm ready to do that. i believe there are enough people in each party that are willing to do that. we need to reduce the deficit and uphold the full faith and credit of the united states government. and the credit of the american people. that's why if we continue discussions today and tomorrow. i've asked leaders of both parties and both both houses of
1:52 pm
congress to come here to the white house on thursday so we can build on the work that's already been done and drive towards a final agreement. we need to do what's best for our economy and best for our people. this should not come down to the last second. i think it's important for us to show the american people that we can find common ground and solve our problems in a responsible way. we know that it's going to require tough decisions. i think it's better for us to make those tough decisions sooner rather than later. that's what the american people expect of us. that's what a healthy economy is going to require. that's the kind of progress i expect to make. so i promise i will keep you guys updated as time goes on. all right?
1:53 pm
>> there you have it, no questions. the president addressing the debt crisis. the news that was made was addressed by kate baldwin on the hill. both fathers, both houses to come to the white house on thursday. i made note of your favorite phrase, tough decisions, common ground, phrases we have heard before when we're talking the deficit. >> the president just summari m exa -- summarized what the problem is. he said we need an economy on stronger footing. obviously. democrats believe by and large that comes from taking away tax breaks that have been given to pea, companies, corporate jets. i mean, it's minuscule. but it's tossed in there and it sounds good. republicans believe that you don't do that because you need the people that it can create
1:54 pm
jobs to have the extra money to do that. it's not that they disagree on what's wrong, it's that they kbleetly have different views on how that gets fixed. >> over issues they couldn't ultimately come to a compromise, what will make this different this time with all of your points. we'll just have to wait and see. defense issue, not just domestic, not just entitlement, but defense as well. i do want to get to kate baldwin. kate, i'm glad you picked up your blackberry, you were right in breaking that news. they will all be meetinging. i'm assumed members of both parties, both houses have accepted this invitation and will be at the white house on thursday? >> i'm working on getting that all confirmed but i do know the senate what jorty leader, harry reid has accepted the invitation.
1:55 pm
you can be sure that we have often heard from many people, it's an invitation that you should probably accept. you can guess that they can probably all be there barring some unforeseen reason they couldn't go. this is a real opportunity, brooke, to get these stalled talks moving once again. >> reignited. reignit reignited. but it will really come down to, just because they're getting in the room, doesn't necessarily mean that there's going to be a deal right after that meeting. they have -- republicans and democrats in both sides of this, have really been dug in over the past several weeks. there's been some real political theatre over corporate tax breaks, things like that. it's going to take -- it's going to be a pretty bitter pill on both sides for what may ultimately have to come together for them to accept, all with the eye towards 2012. and everyone having to face an election season.
1:56 pm
>> both parties guilty there. but this is a symbolic jes su i coming forward. but it's a matter what action, what compromise will be taken. kate baldwin, thank you. here's a break, be right back. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you. even deposit checks right from your phone. just take a picture, hit deposit and you're done. open an account today and put schwab mobile to work for you.
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1:59 pm
>> we began this hour with breaking news on the fate of casey anthony. she has been serving time and we have now learned the verdict has been handed down. she was found not guilty of first degree murder, not guilty of aggravated child abuse, not guilty of aggravated manslaughter. but a lot of emphasis not just put on casey anthony but also her parents. i want to read something to you to end this from her parents' attorney. he issued the following statement on behalf of lee, george and cindy anthony. with regard to today's verdict saying this -- while the family may never know what happened to caylee marie anthony, they now have closure in the chapter of their lives.
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